Happy Monday! I’m sure i sound just like every other mother in the world, but my gosh, how is this summer dwindling so quickly?? It seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye.  Well. To be fair, the summers for Kennedy are pretty short anyway, as her school is very close to a balanced year school schedule…she goes back in 9 days!! I’m working on getting together a back to school post, which, may be ready a closer to the time that the rest of the world is going back to school, but its coming! Since I’m always mom first, fashionista second (or i like to tell myself that it even ranks as high as second! haha) I always tend to keep my fashion on the easy casual side.  I can’t ever commit to anything too fancy, because baby food and grimey hands are inevitable.  This is one of my regular outfits, an easy flowy casual top, cutoffs, and some comfy kicks! Being able to get some statement shoes is a great easy way to be able to add to a basic outfit! I feel like I’ve been a neurotic little girl waiting for Santa recently, checking my Nordstrom app first thing each morning saying “is it coming today?! is it coming?!”  I’ve already seen that some of the items I’ve picked for my Nordstrom post have already sold out! No need to panic yet though, Nordstrom does a great job of doing restocks throughout the sale, especially when it becomes open to the public.

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