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Is it fall yet

Ahhh– today finally felt like a spring day versus a smeltering summer day, and my my it was glorious.  After days in the upper 80’s day after day after day, it was quite a relief for once.  The humidity was finally to the point that my glasses don’t fog up the second I step out of the car….its the little things right?! I’ve been patiently waiting when it cools off enough regularly to finally be able to enjoy some of my purchases from the NSale! I can’t bring myself to sweating it out at work just for the sake of wearing the gorgeous pieces….but trust me…..I’ve considered it…..  I just HAD to try this new sweater on, it is just tooooo cozy to just sit there and look at me from the comfort of the closet.  And trust….this thing is SO soft. Like, I haven’t worn anything so soft before.  I sized up to make it super cozy.



With school starting Wednesday for Kennedy (insert crying face, along with excited face, along with sad face, along with happy face) I thought I’d share a couple of the items she’s picked for school clothes that she’s anxious to wear!  We tend to get more fall/winter type clothes, so she’s not able to wear too many of them now, but she picked some cute things out!

Keeping it casual

Happy Monday! I’m sure i sound just like every other mother in the world, but my gosh, how is this summer dwindling so quickly?? It seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye.  Well. To be fair, the summers for Kennedy are pretty short anyway, as her school is very close to a balanced year school schedule…she goes back in 9 days!! I’m working on getting together a back to school post, which, may be ready a closer to the time that the rest of the world is going back to school, but its coming! Since I’m always mom first, fashionista second (or i like to tell myself that it even ranks as high as second! haha) I always tend to keep my fashion on the easy casual side.  I can’t ever commit to anything too fancy, because baby food and grimey hands are inevitable.  This is one of my regular outfits, an easy flowy casual top, cutoffs, and some comfy kicks! Being able to get some statement shoes is a great easy way to be able to add to a basic outfit! I feel like I’ve been a neurotic little girl waiting for Santa recently, checking my Nordstrom app first thing each morning saying “is it coming today?! is it coming?!”  I’ve already seen that some of the items I’ve picked for my Nordstrom post have already sold out! No need to panic yet though, Nordstrom does a great job of doing restocks throughout the sale, especially when it becomes open to the public.

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A bright sunshiny day

Good evening everyone! Today was one of those days that has felt like 3 days in one…it just keeps going…and going… and going.  Luckily, its slowly coming to an end! The blogging is really doing a good job at helping me decompress after a long day! It might be that theres a soft thunder in the background, a little Mickey Mouse clubhouse lulling for Maddie to listen to (I’m alone with just one kid?! how does that happen??) and then the smell of a new scentsy bar put in the warmer.  Life’s good 😉  I shot this outfit recently with the hubs when it was super gorgeous one evening.  Or so I thought. I came inside from this with about 5 new bug bites…..I swear, those mosquitos hunt me down.  UGH. I wonder if those spray services that offer to spray your yard to get rid of mosquitos actually work.  I have a lot of reservations about that, because…really? Just spraying the yard? I feel like those little demons will do anything possible to get to me, so not worth the $200 spray for nothing.  ANYWHO! heres some pics and below is the widget of the items and other similar.  ALSO! like, you don’t already know (because if you follow any sort of fashion blog…you have known this for weeks) but the beloved Nordstrom anniversary sale starts for cardholders tomorrow! You best believe I have my computer all charged up and ready to go through all the goodies! I’ll have a post up after the first day of my favorite finds of the sale– Everyone enjoy your evening!!

NORDSTROM - Nordstrom Credit Cardholders: Shop Anniversary Sale Early Access through July 20!



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Weekend Insta Roundup

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and having a great summer! It’s been PERFECT summer weather in Indy, and loving being outside when we can–  On a mommy note, the heat has been killer on poor Maddie’s diaper rash– any input on advice to help is very appreciated!

I’ve been adding a lot on insta, as I’ve learned getting things together enough to do a blog post take a lot more effort than I predicted at first!  This learning has been a tad overwhelming, but also exciting and fun! Below is a review of the items in recent posts.  Some of the items are older, so not available online, but I’ve linked similar items that I also love to make a similar look! The nice thing….many are on sale that makes me want to buy them as well!!

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Its the 4th of July

Happy fourth of July everyone! We’re spending the day inside with how hot and muggy it is! Just counting down the days until the pool is installed out back, because as we’ve been saying (almost every day…) “it’d be a perfect day for the pool today!”  Oh well. The anticipation is killer!  I hope everyone has a great day celebrating our nations birthday, and enjoys a good hotdog or burger on the grill 😉 oh, and I suppose some fireworks as well (even though I despise them…yes, really.)  Below is my patriotic garb for the day, a little red white and blue action for ya!  Check the widget below to see similar items available, some at super great deals!

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Monday, monday

I’m glad that I’m able to write this and say that the day is about over! Mondays, I swear, go in super slow motion…on purpose…just to torture us.  I suppose its probably the fact that I will have a 5 day weekend after this week, so its just the anticipation of it all!! blah! It’s been so beyond gorgeous here in Indianapolis the past couple days! Not exactly feeling like summer weather, and more like spring, and I am loving it! Once the sun started going down, it actually felt chilly, therefor the jeans and long sleeve in the post today! I also couldn’t help but get pics with my sweet little maddie paddy.  Big sis was at VBS, so she wasn’t able to join in, but that girl usually jumps at the chance of pictures! I just got the new lense as well, and loooving it!

My top: out of stock, similar style here; Jeans: here; Sunnies: here

Sandals (currently 25% off!): here

oh thursday <3

This week has been moving at snails speed, and I am so ready for this weekend to show its gorgeous face!  The top I’m wearing was a find from our trip to Florida at Forever 21, and a steal compared to similar tops at the higher end department stores!  Of course, when getting pics, the girls could had to get their profile snapped as well.  That Kennedy…my gosh, am I gonna have my hands full with her! Such a poser already!  She’s sporting one of the dresses we got at the Nordstrom Rack in Florida-6-22 blog 16-22 blog 26-22 blog 36-22 blog 46-22 blog 5

My Top: Forever 21  My Shorts: H&M  My Shoes: no longer available, Similar– Macy’s  Kennedy’s Dress: no longer online, similar in a romper here

My Shopping Bag

6-20-17It would be hard not to love all the trends right now with summer fashion! Espadrilles? Check! Gingham? Check! Off the shoulder? Check!  Everything above is what I’m one step away from clicking the friend/enemy button “complete checkout” on.  Links below on the items above, plus there are some great deals with shipping and $ off the more you buy! I’ll be getting most (if not all!!) the above, thanks to these awesome deals!  All the clothing I’ve linked below are under $19, and the shoes are under $34!

Free Shipping on Orders $30+


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Well, here we are!

SO! If you’ve found your way here, welcome!  I posted the picture above as it was the most current picture I have of the little fam bam.  You might be asking where the other member of our family, Kennedy is.  You can bet she was in her room, locking her self in, being the most DRAMATIC self she knows she can be, all because she didn’t like her dress.  Well…when you’re dealing with a 5 year old, there’s really only so much you can do, so family pictures with just our little Maddie were what came of it!  It’s too bad, it probably would’ve been one of the last time I could’ve gotten pictures done of the little girl without huge gaps of missing teeth in her mouth!

Well, onto other things!  There seem to be many reasons I come up with myself on why I’ve never started a blog.  It seems to hard…how do people come up with content constantly….I know nothing about it….I won’t be photographic enough….the list goes on and on.  After years of spending my quiet time before bed sitting on my phone or Ipad looking at all the bloggers that I love, and wishing I could do what they’re doing, I’ve finally came to the point of “Why not?!”.  No, things aren’t going to be exactly as I think they will— No, I’m not going to be the best— but I really want to be able to put my time and passion into this baby now, and to be able to document this wonderful life that I’m blessed to have! So, keep checking back, and enjoy the suburb life we’ve grown into and keep up with the lambs!!