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Hi All! happpppy weekend to you!!! I hope you have had a great week and are so ready for a relaxing weekend! I’m looking forward to getting to spend time at the house, and continuing on my purging.  Last weekend, Kennedy’s playroom was attacked, and it looks so so much better without so much clutter and junk.  Granted, its not perfect, but much better.  But that basement. my gosh. I don’t know if I’ll come out alive.  Please keep me in your thoughts! haha!  Anyways– I, as many woman that just love shopping, jumped onto the Nordstrom website first thing yesterday to get first grabs at the new items to be on sale! I ordered a handful of items that I cant wait to come in, and can’t wait to try on and share!  Below is the separate widgets, the first of things I ended up getting, and the second of things that I was swooning over! Happy shopping!


addt’l items in the shoes and accessories department–

Below are all the items I ordered– the Lush cross front top wasn’t apart of the sale, just an uber good deal!!

Weekend Insta Roundup

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and having a great summer! It’s been PERFECT summer weather in Indy, and loving being outside when we can–  On a mommy note, the heat has been killer on poor Maddie’s diaper rash– any input on advice to help is very appreciated!

I’ve been adding a lot on insta, as I’ve learned getting things together enough to do a blog post take a lot more effort than I predicted at first!  This learning has been a tad overwhelming, but also exciting and fun! Below is a review of the items in recent posts.  Some of the items are older, so not available online, but I’ve linked similar items that I also love to make a similar look! The nice thing….many are on sale that makes me want to buy them as well!!

*This post contains affiliate links through shopcollective

The Lake House

Now that the weather has started warming up again, its got me craving the outside time! The weather was perfect last weekend when we made the trip down to Bloomington to go to a family friend’s lake house.  It was a great time to be able to spend time with the family, and get away from it all, if even for a short little snippet of time!

look at those little toofers!!

Kennedy with her grandma

talk about all the views!

Ones getting teeth, and this ones loosin them!

the gorgeous views!


Now that its almost the 4th of July weekend, its about time to get back into that maxin and relaxin mindset again! I can’t wait!! I’m looking forward to just hanging around the house, cooking out, and of course, watching the hubs do his fireworks (from inside of course…#SensitiveEars).  Of course, with the holidays come fabulous sales! Here’s a list of my favorites that are happening now, or getting ready to happen (including the Nordstrom Anniversary sale starting July 13!!!)

Charming Charlie is having their semi-annual sale! up to 80% off!

Express has shorts, dresses, and more at 50% off!  Along with clearance at an additional 40% off!

Old Navy has the whole store at up to 60% off!

Loft has the entire store at 50% off!

American Eagle has their entire clearance at $20 or less!


oh thursday <3

This week has been moving at snails speed, and I am so ready for this weekend to show its gorgeous face!  The top I’m wearing was a find from our trip to Florida at Forever 21, and a steal compared to similar tops at the higher end department stores!  Of course, when getting pics, the girls could had to get their profile snapped as well.  That Kennedy…my gosh, am I gonna have my hands full with her! Such a poser already!  She’s sporting one of the dresses we got at the Nordstrom Rack in Florida-6-22 blog 16-22 blog 26-22 blog 36-22 blog 46-22 blog 5

My Top: Forever 21  My Shorts: H&M  My Shoes: no longer available, Similar– Macy’s  Kennedy’s Dress: no longer online, similar in a romper here

Getting the hang of things

Having two kids has felt like such a weird transition, and let me explain why. We were so used to having just Kennedy for so long, and it was the absolute normal, that I never knew how we were going to be able to bring another little one into our tribe and things still feel right.  Well, once little Madison made her way to this world, just like all moms of 2+ kids say, your heart grows enormously and the love just continually grows so much– I have completely felt this way, and for the most part, everything along the way with Maddie as a baby had been a treat rather than a challenge, like a first baby usually seems. 

I say all of this, because the one thing that had heightened my anxiety about having two kids has 100% been traveling. We haven’t really done any since Madison has came, other than an hour away, but this trip to Florida to visit my family has had my anxiety level on a scale of 1-10, at about a 35. Trying to make sure you have everything you need, along with keeping both children happy and entertained, along with as comfortable as they are at home has made me so stressed!! It doesn’t help that the little one has had a cold/teething, but the trip has thrown her off of her routine that she thrives on, and Lordy bee, she’s let us know she’s not happy with us! We’re making the best of it though, and hoping this sun will show its shiny face for us a little while we’re here!